We had a good trip. Matt, the Conkins, Brandon and Ashley Moretz, Latt and Wendy Moretz, JR and Becca, Eric and Jamie, and Dianne, Trent, and I met Thursday night at the cabins at Harlan. We rounded up Friday morning and headed out to the trails, starting with Rail Bed, which turned into 200 yards of slop and a winch-fest. By the time we got to the top of Rail Bed it was time for lunch so we stopped and ate. After lunch we headed off to check out Underestimated and Your Turn, only to find out that there was no exit to Underestimated and it didn't look like it had been run in quite some time. We dropped off into Your Turn which is a great trail, not steep but lots of slick rocks and a longer trail. We got through Your Turn and then headed to Lower Profanity and Upper Profanity. The entrance to Lower Profanity proved to be pretty difficult. A few of us made it into the trail, which was awesome btw, and those that didn't make it through the entrance went to the Lower Rock Garden. David Conkin went and settled an old score with the trail Killing Time. By that time of the day it was late so we rounded up and headed back to camp. Saturday morning we met up and again headed out to the trails. We started off on the Upper Rock Garden and then headed off to Mason Jar. We had lunch at the entrance to Mason Jar (I attached a pic of the view from our lunch spot) and then headed into the trail. There is a very off camber section at the entrance so we used a winch to pull the full bodied rigs away from the tree while they went through to prevent any body damage. Mason Jar is a great trail, very tight and twisty, with a couple of obstacles. We got out of Mason Jar and then headed over to Lions Den. For those that have never seen Lions Den, go over to youtube and search for it, or go to our media section on the webpage and check out when Moretz went through a couple of years ago. After bouncing off of every rock in the obstacle and some winching, I made it out and then Moretz dropped in and made it look like childs play. That trail is no joke. The second picture is from Lions Den. I hope that everyone had a great time. While going on one of these extended trips is more expensive and time consuming, they really are fun. You get a chance to try some different trails and enjoy some really great fellowship with the other club members, and I urge everyone to try to put one into their schedule.
September 2014
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