we had a good little run at uwharrie yesterday. we started out running dutch john, which has become a very easy trail even though it's rated difficult on the maps. then we had lunch with terry, the hot dog guy, and after that we went and ran rocky mt. we made it up to kodak and moretz made it look easy going up the most difficult line. then rummage had to be convinced to give it a try. let's just say that rummage made a new crease in his seat...if you know what i mean. he had a serious pucker look on his face. i've got some video and when i get it uploaded to youtube i'll send out the link. he backed down and then took the bypass while i went up, but i didn't try the same line as moretz, i don't have the wheelbase for that one. then we convinced rummage to come try my line, which he finally relented and came down for a shot. he climbed up on the rock and began to try to make it over and the front driveshaft let loose. it had been welded together from several different driveshafts just to make this run anyway and we expected it not to survive the trip. we rode back down to the double parking area and left his truck and then moretz and i went to run daniel. the first ledge on the hill climb to daniel is no joke. it would be veryyyyyy difficult if it were wet, that's for sure. we circled around on daniel and picked up rummages truck and then headed out for the day.
Sept. 2010