We had a GREAT turnout for the Year End Run this past weekend. All of our campsites were jam packed with tents and vehicles. Saturday we met up at Eldorado and left for the trails. The group consisted of 15 vehicles and the following people…Tim, Dianne, and Trent Savelle, Brandon Rummage, Dirk Tischer and his daughter Anna, John Fries, Mike Cook, Jim Hodge, Eric Velazquez and his girlfriend Brandy and kids Holden and Haley, Allen and Amber Meyer, Richard, Sandra, and Daniel Queen, David, Tammy, and Dawson Conkin, Latt Moretz, JR and Becca Miller, Steve Beaver, Brandon Moretz, Jake and Alicia Kozlowski and kids Sloan and Ethan. Last year, after several years of sharing the trails with the Rover group, we decided that in 2012 we would change weekends to avoid the traffic. Apparently the Rover group had the same idea, as they were at Uwharrie this past weekend also. Luckily we didn’t have much of an issue with traffic. We started out going to Wolf Den and Slab Pile while heading to Dickey Bell. We made it all of about 200 yards when it went out over the CB that Rummage had a flat tire. We pulled off while a quick repair was made to the tire and then we headed down the trail. It seemed like we had gone another 200 yard when Jim Hodge realized that he had no brakes. Turns out he had torn the brake line loose from the fitting when he was going across a log on the trail. Jim and Steve Beaver headed out to the parts store to get repairs made and we headed on down the trail. We go to Dickey Bell and made it up the hill climb and I think everyone had a good time there. We finished Dickey Bell and got back to the double parking lot for lunch and a lot of us had hot dogs and bb q from Terry the Hot Dog Guy. After lunch we headed back up Rocky Mount to go play on Kodak. Moretz made the hard line look easy and after all of us got through we headed down the rest of Rocky Mount and out to run Daniel. We got up the first and second ledge on Daniel and then got to the main obstacle. We got up to the top of Daniel and began to head down the trail and back to camp. There is a big mud hole on the trail coming out of Daniel. Most of the group had gone through the mud hole and we heading up the hill when we heard on the radio that Richard was on his roof! We turned around and hurried back and found the Jeepster on it’s side. Richard and Sandra were ok and Moretz hooked a winch to the roll cage and got them back on all fours. Richard had popped a bead on his left rear wheel when he flopped so we changed out the tire. All told it was only about 20 minutes to get going again, not bad for a flop and recovery... We went back to camp and made supper, and after we ate we held the raffle. Brandy seemed to have the lucky hand and took home most of the prizes, although Rummage scored enough Royal Purple for a complete oil change in the diesel…. In years past we gave out awards but had gotten away from doing so. This year we decided to bring them back, and here are this years award winners.. Mike Cook is winner of the “Count Me In” award for his participation in so many events this year. There were several members in contention for this award, but Mike just always seems ready to go. The “Skinny Pedal” award goes to Steve Beaver, because, well, I don’t think Steve ever crawls anything…lol. The “Professional Rookie” award goes to JR Miller, because he is the guy who did the most with the least, and showed the most improvement since he joined the club last year. Last, but not least, Brandon Rummage wins the “Rusty Wrench” award. I hate to say it, but I think I was in the running for this one, but I think the fact that Rummage actually broke off an entire tire and wheel at Windrock put him over the top. Sunday we got up and had breakfast at Eldorado and then headed out to do some trail maintenance/cleanup. Normally we do our adopted trail at Uwharrie, Dutch John, but since Dutch John is currently closed we went and did Dickey Bell. We ended up collecting 11 full bags of garbage from the trail! After we got through at Dickey Bell we went back and had lunch and broke camp, and then headed home. It was a great weekend, and it was great spending time with new and old friends.
Oct. 2012
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