What a great weekend at Uwharrie! The weather was great, although a little cool on Friday night and we had some great wheeling and good times around the campfire. We got all set up in camp on Friday afternoon and then Saturday morning we met up at the Eldorado Outpost to go wheeling. We had 10 rigs all together and the following people were there.. John and Jennifer Stowe, Tom Knopp, Brandon Moretz, Latt Moretz, Brandon Rummage, Steven and Jake Beaver, Shane, JR and Becca Miller, Dan and Angie Simcox, Mike Cook, Richard and Sandra Queen, Daniel Queen, and his friend Austin, John Fries and Dianne and Trent. We loaded up and left the outpost and ran a bunch of trails including Dutch John, Falls Dam, Rocky Mount, and ended up on Daniel. We had lunch at the double parking lot, some had brought lunch and some bought some yummy hot dogs from Terry, otherwise known as “Your Hot Dog Guy”…There was a huge group of Rover’s that were there for the weekend…let’s just say the caviar and champagne was flowing for those guys. We did good with very little if any damage. Rummage once again gets the award for the most damage as a rock found the one empty space in between his rock slider and the rear tire and dented up the rear quarter. Dan Simcox did a great job this weekend, especially since this was his first wheeling trip. He did everything except Daniel (and we had to talk him out of taking his jeep on Daniel) and today when we ran Dickey Bell I could barely keep up with him….John Stowe came close to flopping on Kodak and on Sunday decided to test the waters of the huge mudhole at the Art Lilley campground. It was...well...a little deeper than he expected and he wisely decided to cut his foray into the mudbog short. A little tug from a winch to back out and we were on our way again.... After getting back to camp Saturday evening we had the raffle. I think John Fries made out the best in the raffle and he wasn’t even there to collect his prizes!! We had a huge donation of prizes from Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers, which we really appreciate. If you have the chance to give them some business, please do so as they treat us really well…. Sunday we got up and had breakfast in camp, and then went and had a ride, ending up on Dickey Bell. We headed back and broke camp while some went ahead and headed back and a few stayed for lunch. I want to thank everyone for a great year. We have had an event every month and been to Uwharrie, Mtn. City, The Flat’s in Marion, and the Gulches in South Carolina. Next year I would like to try some new spots, like Harlan in Kentucky and also a run in Alabama. It sounds like there is a very good chance that the park in Mtn. City Tn is going away so I think we need to expand our horizons… Thanks again for a great weekend and lots of fun this year. I'm tired from this weekend but can't wait to go again...
Oct. 2011
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