Thanks to everyone that made it out to the year end run. Friday afternoon Trent and I made it down to Uwharrie to set up camp after having had to change a tire on the trailer on the way down. Brandon and his Dad, Tom K, and John and Jennifer Stowe also set up camp Friday night to ride trails on Saturday. It was chilly Saturday morning but we got set up and went to Eldorado for breakfast before hitting the trails. Shannon Keys and Cole met us at Eldorado and Brandon Rummage also showed up. We headed out and ran Dutch John and did some trail maintenance, picking up trash and doing general cleanup. Shannon and Cole managed to find a usable 5 lug tire and wheel in the woods at the bottom of the hill climb on Dutch John. Then we ran Falls Dam and headed out to the double parking lot for some lunch. There was a lot of traffic on the trails as it seemed every group had planned an event that weekend. After lunch we decided to run Daniel. This is where the fun began....We got to the first ledge and everyone was making their way up. When Rummage started up the ledge it was noticed that his front tires were trying to go in different directions!! He backed down off the ledge and it was discovered that he had sheared off two out of three of the studs holding his high steer arm on the passenger side. Everyone pitched in and luckily, with some air tools, one of the broken studs was able to be removed and one was taken from the other side to use in it's place. Once Rummage's truck was back together we turned around and headed back to camp to get the wounded Datsun off the trails. Sunday morning I had to break camp early and come back to Charlotte but the rest of the crew hung out and held the raffle. A big thanks goes out to Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers for donating raffle prizes.
Oct. 2010