Well, we had quite a trip today. We had six rigs come out for this run today: Rummage, Steven, JR, Steven's friend Corey, Heather, and Moretz. The trip from start to finish was plagued with problems but we all had fun regardless. The morning started with the voltage regulator on Moretz's 4Runner frying while it was being backed off the trailer just after arriving. This resulted in a quick alternator removal, trip to the parts store for another alternator, and a quick installation in the Outpost parking lot. Finally at around 11am we were ready to head to the trails. We ran Wolf Den first, Dutch John, Rocky Mountain Loop, and finally Daniel. There were no issues on Wolf Den or Dutch John. Everyone had their opportunity to play around on Rocky Mountain Loop with everyone taking multiple lines. Moretz took the hard line, and then persuaded Rummage to follow where he finally conquered the rock ledge that has claimed parts on his Nissan in the past. Steven took the left side and JR took the right side. We then travelled to Daniel. Everyone went up the off-camber hill with ease. Moretz, Rummage, and Steven we up the first ledge and JR and Corey took the bypass. Corey accidentally got into a tree on the bypass which resulted in Steven having to run cable to pull him off the tree which put a nice dent in his fender. Everyone made it up the second ledge with JR and Corey requiring a small tug. Just after the switchback, JR sliced a tire open on a rock which required some downtime to put the spare tire on. Everyone made it up the large hill on Daniel with Moretz and Rummage taking the line to the right, Steven in the center, and JR and Corey to the left. Only other scary part we had after that was on the "slab" on the other side of Daniel, Steven almost flopped his Jeep... Apparently the last issue was noticed once everyone was back at home. The hood to Rummage's Nissan won't open and Rummage's tow rig is having some severe transmission problems at the moment...
Nov. 2011
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