We had six jeeps meet up at Roses in Belmont this morning and two vehicles meet us at the Gulches. On the way down, I looked in my rear view and saw a huge chunk of tire hurling at David Conkin right behind me...I didn't feel anything different with the trailer so we kept on. We stopped in Laurens, SC and lo and behold, it was my trailer tire that had lost it's tread...and that was about 100 miles earlier. I was really lucky it held together... We got signed in at the Gulches and hit the was me, Keith Sellick and family, the Kozlowski's, Jim Hodge and son, Chad Fraker and his brother, Mike Cook and family, JR Miller, and the Conkins. Also, John Fries met us and jumped in with me...We ran down into the park and did some of the red and blue trails, and then headed to one of the rock gardens. We got through the rock garden and them off to some more easier trails when i decided to try Palmetto Crossing and then Sidewinder...well, I never made it to Sidewinder..I made it through the first part of Palmetto Crossing and was trying to climb a ledge when I wedged the front tire under the ledge and heard a very loud pop...I busted the u-joint in the front axle shaft...I pulled to the side and let the others have their shot, but Jim Hodge ended up pulling cable and Mike Cook took another exit...If you aren't careful you can really end up with body damage on this trail. We decided to break for lunch at this point. I decided against a trail repair and just unlocked the hub on the broken side. We finished lunch and then ran the rest of the red and blue trails before heading back to the office of the park. We decided to call it a day and everyone started loading up and getting ready to come back... So the carnage for the day....Jim Hodge is still fighting the locker demons on his rear axle...Keith Sellick had a trail repair on his crossmember when some bolts backed out, and he lost a rear tail light in the parking lot....(I will let him explain that I definitely earned the bandaid today...broken axle u-joint, blown trailer tire, and when I got home I found that my trailer hub had spit out the grease cover....
May 2012
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