Met Mike in Albemarle while I was picking up drinks around 8:30. Then we met Moretz at the outpost around 9, we were unloaded and on the trails around 9:30. The buggy did very well with only minor tweaks needed! It was definitely the highlight of the day at URE. Moretz climbed Kodak with ease and went up the hard line and even climbed the 2nd rock as well. There will be several pictures online I'm guessing. I guess I get the bandaid as i received 3 love taps from a tree. We pulled aside at the top of Dutch John to let a group pass and I slid between 2 trees and had to be tugged back to the trail. That's when my fan quit working, but it was an easy trail fix. Then on Kodak when I tried the hard line my bumper was severely dented, but it still protected my lights! Congrats to Mike as he followed us everywhere and only took a couple of bypasses! Can't wait for the next trip!
May 2012
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