Well, the wrenching day on Sutton's CJ was a success. Brian, one of his friends, Tim, Jake and myself got a lot accomplished today. We broke down and pulled the D35, installed the D44 housing as much as possible given the parts at hand, took the knuckles off the D35, installed new ball joints and reinstalled the knuckles on the D44 housing. We also did a little work on the axle shafts. Thanks to everyone who helped out! “a big thanks to everyone that came and helped out! We accomplished what we could. Found out my driveshaft needs to be shortened by 1.5". I need the spring plates modified. I also found out i ordered the wrong outers. i'm hoping by end of next week, it's all buttoned up, but we'll see. thanks again for the help!!“ Brian
Mar. 2013
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