We had a good trip to Windrock. That park is huge. They have around 72000 acres with around 260 miles of trails. The campground was really nice and the cabins we had were brand new. Most everyone arrived Thursday with the Savelles, Brandon Moretz and his dad Latt, Brandon Rummage, Jim and Blake Hodge, Mike Cook, the Conkins, and JR and Becca Miller coming in. Friday the Kozlowskis cameas well as Caroline Cook and wheeled Saturday. Thursday night a huge thunderstorm came in and we awoke to a light rain on Friday. We met our trail boss, Larry Bryant, and 3 other vehicles from their club, Rock Solid. Larry is a trail guide with Jeep Jamboree so we were in good hands. We had a good trail ride on Friday. The trails were moderate with just a few obstacles, and the woods were really pretty. We had lunch out on the trail and then continued to ride. We ended the day at trail 15, which had a harder ledge at the entrance, and after the ledge you could do a v-notch or turn and exit. A few of us ran the notch and Moretz got up on the rocks and flexed out his buggy. If you watched the video that we sent out earlier with Richard Queen in it from the jeepster jam, it was that trail. We headed back to camp for supper. JR and I both had been running kind of hot during the ride, and JR decided to change out the water pump as it was original and it was feared that it was on the way out. Luckily, Jim and Mike saved the day and changed out the pump in no time, and it was a good thing as it started to rain again just as they finished. Saturday morning we woke to cloudy skies that later cleared to a beautiful day. We met Larry and his fellow club members again and set the course for the day. We decided to run harder trails than before and we set off for our ride. We rode a trail that ended up at a waterfall that we could walk up to. We had lunch there and hung out for a whilebefore heading off to the second trail for the day. This was trail #3 which is rated as a level black difficulty. The trail was a downhill entrance over a couple of rock gardens before we decided to turn around and go back up. This was the first real difficult section that we had done, and everyone did great. There were several different lines available for different vehicles, and everyone made it through without damage or pulling cable. By this time it was after 4 pm and some of us decided to go and run trail 15 again while some decided to run back to camp. We did the bottom section of that trail again and Moretz, Rummage, and I decided to run up to the top portion. It was nice and gnarly and Moretz and I made it through ok, but Rummage was trying to make his way over the LAST rock of the weekend when bam.....he earned the bandaid back. He broke his lower balljoint which in turn broke his ujoint. Of course his wheel had to fall off when the upper joint broke which made getting him out that much harder. Luckily there was a big parking area right there and I was able to bring his truck and trailer right up to where he broke. We got him loaded and headed back to camp for some supper and great comraderie. I thought it was a great weekend that had a little bit of everything. We rode some easier trails that had beautiful scenery, did some difficult trails that challenged everyone, and some really difficult stuff to finish the weekend. Best of all, we had a blast hanging out with everyone, getting to know each other better, and had some great food too.
July 2012
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