Well, we're back. I know I had a blast and I hope everyone else did too. Saturday morning Brandon Moretz, Brandon Rummage, and I met up and then headed up I77. We met up with Mike and Caroline Cook as well and Jim Hodge and his son Blake. Then we headed up towards Boone where we met up with Steve Beaver, and then we went up to Callalantee. It was around noon by the time we hit the trails and we headed straight for Armor All. We ran Armor All, which is a fun trail. Mike Cook ended up bending his tie rod on the exit and Rummage got hung up on a rock and had to be winched off of it. Then we went and hit Little Tellico, which was a challenge as slick as it was. Jim Hodge's front locker stopped working somewhere along the line but we all got up the hill. Steve put on a driving show with his jeep as he was closest to stock as we had, being open differential on both ends. It was mid afternoon by the time we got up and through Little Tellico so we went over to Welder. Brandon Moretz gave the waterfall a shot, but it's still pretty gnarly. I passed as I figured I'd end on my side if I did. Moretz pulled cable to get up and we headed up the trail to Easy Out. We lined up to give the ledge at Easy Out a try and Moretz gave his Toyota a good hammering, but had to pull cable to get out. We all ended up pulling cable to get over the ledge. I gave it my best shot and almost made it up and out, but got sideways and almost fell off the ledge, so I got hooked to a cable and pulled out. Then we started up the hill climb to get out of Welder. It was a slick as anything I'd seen in a long time. There is a ledge about 50 yards up the trail. We got up and past the ledge but up the hill it got steep....and muddy...and slick. We winched Moretz, who was trail boss for the day, about 75 yards up the hill. We quickly realized that we would be there until well after dark if we continued to try to get up this trail. We decided to play smart and turned around and headed out. We got back out to the parking area around 7:00 or so. We decided to head back to Boone and get checked in and then go get something to eat. It was a late dinner but it was good to have something to eat and drink after a long day on the trail. So, carnage for the day...Mike Cook bent a tie rod and crunched a turn signal marker. Jim Hodge had a problem with his front locker. Moretz had a trailer tire go bad on the way home. I was good until I went to get the jeep off the trailer and it wouldn't start and was throwing a code. I tried to figure it out for a few hours and finally just backed if off the trailer by leaving it in gear and cranking the motor. Then I went out to try and start it again and lo and behold it worked fine....stupid jeep.... Thanks to everyone who came out. Everyone did great. We pulled a little cable, ran some good obstacles, and got some good seat time in. I will put the video together but here are a few pictures....
Jul. 2011
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