Harlan 2017 We had an awesome trip. This was probably the first time in six years that it didn't rain on us while wheeling (although it still rained on us on the trip home).There were eight rigs: Tim, RQ, Fries, Daniel, Matt, JR, Travis and myself. The first day started at Railbed, which as usual took a while to get the group up. It's progressively got harder over the years. During lunch, Daniel decided to try Cream Puff, which quickly became very very steep and we pulled cable for him. On the way to the the next trail (Fish Fossil), Daniel's rag joint in the steering shaft failed and he lost steering. While this was being repaired, several continued through Fish Fossil (and almost all had to be winched out the exit) and the Lower Rock Garden. Tim also conquered Little Jagger! Next we ran Killing Time and Lower Profanity. Killing time was amazingly run quicker than usual, but Lower Profanity was very slick and took some extra time. JR nearly cooked his motor (up to 260 F) trying to get up a slick section and Tim ran out of gas (sorta) We then traveling over to Grape Vine and the Middle rock garden, but Tim and JR went back as JR found he had cracked his fuel cell and was leaking fuel. RQ played on the rock garden and I ran Grape Vine. The next day we headed to Can Opener and the Upper Rock Garden. Matt cut a tire along the way. Grant navigated Can Opener well, but broke a front axle u-joint in the process and had to return to camp. There had been a very recent rock slide that blocked most of the Upper Rock Garden off, so we couldn't really run that. We continued to Lion's Den where Daniel, Tim and myself ran it (fortunately it was drier than last year). All went well for everyone except Daniel nearly flipped forwards near the exit (honestly, I don't know how it didn't, and it would have been BAD). After this we went back to the Middle Rock Garden area to play some more. Daniel tried Valve Stem and pulled his steering apart inside the column, so that took a little while to fix. Then we decided to try 'one more trail'...not sure that was good choice...we went to Crawford's Cry, a trail we ran last year even with Daniel on 35's in his Cherokee without a lot of issue...but the trail changed A LOT! The trail is short (maybe 700' long) and it only took us about 1.5 hours to get myself, Tim, Daniel and RQ through it. Winches for everyone at some point or another and Tim finished blowing up his from locker on this trail. Daniel was also having fuel issues and RQ took some significant body damage to the Jeepster and run his motor up to about 250 F. All-in-all, it was a great trip with good weather and a really good time. Hope to see others out there next year! Brandon
JULY 2017
Little Jagger (click to start video)
Lions Den
Daniel on Lions Den