The Gulches, May 2019 We had a smaller group from CORE make the trip to The Gulches in Laurens, SC for our ride today. Eddie and Catherine, RQ and Sandra, Tom Evans, and Mike Deal and his daughter Makayla made the trip and we arrived in Laurens not long after they opened up for the day. Rain was forecast to come in mid- afternoon which meant we needed to get in as much riding as possible before it chased us off. We unloaded and made a quick circuit around the park and then grabbed a quick bite of lunch before heading back to the trails. We started playing on the trail right by the parking lot, which has a huge washout on one of the exits. RQ took a shot at it and very nearly promptly put his Jeepster on its lid. Once he figured out the line he made it out and I took a turn. I had a hard time figuring out how to straddle the washout but finally made it through. We headed further into the park and made some of the climbs before heading to the TNT Rock Garden. Once through there we decided to head to Shipwreck, but once we got there we found that someone was in the bottom with a broken driveshaft. We made our way back out and after a weather check realized we only had about a half hour left before the rains came. We definitely wanted to be out of there before we got wet. We headed back down to run Palmetto Crossing and Sidewinder and made it back to the trailers to load up just before the rains came. It was a great trip, although a little short because of the rain. Photos are below and we can’t wait for the next trip!!
MAY 2019
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