The Gulches, September 2017 The CORE run at The Gulches today consisted of Brandon and Latt Moretz, Jeff Blake, Mike Velez, Rod Alexander, Mike Deal, Richard and Sandra Queen, Brian Sutton with Mike Z, Jeff Stoll, and Daniel Queen It was a good day overall. Dry conditions made for lots of traction. We started out riding the loop around the park and trying some of the easier trails. The nice thing about the Gulches is that it’s easy to loop around and try different stuff. We hit a few trails and then broke for lunch where Daniel Queen broke the bead on his right front wheel in order to clean out some dirt he had picked up. Daniel got it all back together and after lunch we hit the trails again. The trails got progressivly more difficult the longer the day went on. We ended the day running Shipwreck and Papa Gulch. We ended the day with everyone still on four wheels and under their own power, which given how brutal the last few rides have been on breakage is a good thing.
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