We had a good time at the Gulches. We got there around 10 a.m. and started to get unloaded. We had Moretz, Mike Cook, Jake, Steven, the Queens, John Fries, JR, Rummage, and myself. We headed down into the park and ran a trail or two, and then ended up in the rock garden. We worked our way through the rock garden and then decided to run a trail back up to the parking area for lunch. RQ was tailgunner and was starting to come into the last section when I heard a pop come from his front end and metal parts started falling like raindrops from his knuckle. Luckily he didn't pull a Rummage and break the whole wheel off, he just broke the inner and outer shaft and the u-joint on his front axle. He unlocked that hub and drove out in 3 wheel drive and back to the trailer. Just then the skies opened up and it started to pour for probably 45 minutes or so. We huddled on the front porch of the little cabin there and waited out the rain, and watched other rigs slip and slide in the parking area. That South Carolina red clay really got slick when it rained. Once the rain stopped we headed back out, sans RQ as he loaded up and headed back to Matthews. Riding those trails when they are wet really added another dimension. We headed down and ran some triple black trails and everybody did great getting through them without any damage. We made our way back to the parking area but not before dipping down into Shipwreck and running those trails. We loaded up around 4:30 and headed back to Charlotte. That was probably the best trip I have had to the Gulches. He really packs a lot of trails into those 80 acres. Since everyone seems to be purchasing GoPro or Drift cameras there is not a large amount of still pictures from the trip...below are links to multiple videos shot from the trip.
August 2012