We had a great run this year for Opening Run. We met at Eldorado Outpost and then headed to the Double Parking lot to unload, air down, and get ready for the trails. We had a good group, 14 vehicles, and we started out on Slab Pile to Falls Dam. We stopped and had lunch at the Art Lilley campground, and then headed on to Dickey Bell. The hill climb on Dickey Bell proved to be the obstacle of the day. We worked to get everyone up and once everyone had made the climb got ready to head on down the trail. We found that the fuel pump on Tom Evans CJ had given up the ghost. We hooked a strap to him and got ready to drag him out of the woods. Other than one really slick spot that took some work to get through, we made it back to Double Parking lot without much trouble. It was great run, beautiful weather with great friend. I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did.
APRIL 2018
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