The year opening run consisted of JR and Marcus, Bruce Hickman, Joe Harper, the LaHayes, Micheal Deal, the Stohls, the Queens, Katie Novak, Daniel Queen, and the Fries. We left Double Parking and followed Rocky Mountain Loop to Slab Pile and Wolf Den and on to Dutch John. The trails were very, they were ridiculously sloppy! We got to the trail that leads to the BOTTOM of Dutch John and decided that it was not the day to spend all day trying to get up so we turned around to look for less muck. We backtracked to Falls Dam ,stopped for lunch, and then on to Dickey Bell which, being more rocky, was not as sloppy. All went well until we got to the bottom of the hill climb. A group was stopped on the hill and after further inspection were frozen in their tracks due to...fear and breakage, or...who knows... we helped them along except for the Grand Cherokee who had a broken Dana 35 rear axle. Some side by sides slipped by us and tried to win a Darwin award but we were able to convince them that this was not their day so we sent them down the hill the way they came from. Then it was our turn. RQ went up first and took the center line and made it after some adjustments. Daniel Queen followed making lots of noise and having fun. JR and Marcus and Baby Jeep came on up. Joe Harper tested out the red TJ, and Eddie and Kathryn came along up the middle. Dickey Bell has some new challenges in all lines so we spent the afternoon there and by the time we were all up and had all of the other rigs moved out of the way it was time to head home. Some good decisions were made during the day so that those rigs could live to see another day. Everyone was accounted for and fun was had by all.
APRIL 2018
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