83 jeep, i'm the second owner, purchased for 800.00. Tore it down to frame, blasted and painted it, the paint is viper red. mike z is freshening up a 302 mustang motor, AOD 4spd and a clocked 300 tc will be put in . Axles out of 86 cj. Dana 44 rear and 30 front for now. Will have 4.56 gears and detroits in front and rear. It has a 4in suspension, 1 in body and boomerang shackles to clear the 35 swampers. Avalanche rocker guards are also being bolted on soon. Will need lots of help putting in the engine/tranny and wiring up. this is my first attempt at a project, so it's going slow. always looking for tips / suggestions and help. Update: 1/22/07!! Jeep is finally completed. ( at least the first stage) we put it on the ramp and measured for bump stops and shocks. Thanks to Mike Z for helping me out!! Shocks are on the jeep and it drives pretty well. Engine runs good and sounds real good. Big thanks to Greg Spencer for finishing the wiring and getting it to run. Not real loud..just lets you know there's something there. Here are some of the pics from the ramp. What's left.. * bumpstops..just have to make bracket to put on * VSS/ speedo cable. Thanks to Tom and Tim. they located one, i put it on, fits great. now we have to just modify the small inner shaft to actually spin the gears.. * heat shield..make some shields to protect some hot spots * get rear seat for the kids set up * eventually replace the front seats..i hate them! * stronger tie rod/drag link for front Future Mods * Dana 44 front end * better seats * winch * top * as things break!! Want to thank a few people. * Kim, my wife..thanks for putting up with this...spending too much $$, time and energy on something i want to beat up..( i'll explain the jeep thing someday) * Guys at CORE..thanks for answering all my stupid questions and getting me pointed in the right direction * MIke Z..learned alot in those cold months rebuilding my 302..been all my're jeep is next!! * Greg Spencer...for finishing the wiring and getting her to notch job from a top notch guy! * Kyle and the guys at 4 Wheel Parts..providing endless answers and excellent service * TarHeel 4WD...thanks for all your tech support... * Jerome Aho...all the welding and fabrication i can dream up..job well done....maybe a chevy the next go around.. * Finally my dad...he retired and i gave him a job...the body and paint are're right..i think it does glow in dark. let's get it dirty!!!!
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